Welcome to RCMU

The Rancho Cucamonga Municipal Utility (RCMU) provides economic and reliable electricity to over 3,000 metered businesses and residents in a selected area within the Southeastern proximity of the City of Rancho Cucamonga. Since 2004, RCMU has continued to serve our customers with reliable electricity while maintaining lower rates than those charged by the local investor-owned utility, along with excellent customer service.

RCMU is committed to increased use of renewable energy resources and sustainable practices that help reduce environmental impacts within the City of Rancho Cucamonga. RCMU is also committed to helping its customers conserve energy through a variety of rebates and incentive programs. Saving energy not only helps the environment, but it can also help the bottom line of Rancho Cucamonga businesses and residents. RCMU shall continue to serve the needs of our customers, while striving to grow strategically and with innovation.