California Government Code Section 65400 requires that cities and counties submit an annual progress report (APR) by April 1 of each year that provides an update on its progress in implementing the General Plan. In addition to complying with this requirement, Rancho Cucamonga's APR serves as an annual report card to the community, who diligently provided their feedback and input that helped shape the General Plan. 

GP Annual Progress Report 2023



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The General Plan lays out a series of strategies to chart a path towards building a 21st century world-class community that is grounded in the foundational core values of health, equity, and stewardship. This webpage provides an overview of the adopted General Plan. 

The intent of PlanRC is to enhance our City with a wide variety of housing, recreation, arts and culture, entertainment, and employment opportunities that are well-connected and accessible to everyone and to preserve the character, history, and quality of life that continue to make Rancho Cucamonga a special place to live.

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