Address Environmental Justice

People at a food booth

In Rancho Cucamonga, environmental justice means that everyone in the city have a fair and just opportunity to thrive and no one, especially those with the least means, should shoulder the additional health burdens of environmental degradation and pollution. Environmental justice is also concerned with the thrivability of ecosystems, prioritizing renewable energy, and proactively reducing environmental hazards, pollution, and habitat destruction. With this General Plan, the City is striving to reduce and eliminate disproportionate burdens to living, participating and thriving in this city. A key first step is continuing to improve access to City processes and decision making. While we have a long history of robust public engagement, we will continue to work hard to improve the ease of participation by the community. It is also critical for the City’s future to improve everyone’s ability to get around the city and access the goods, services, jobs, housing, and amenities they need to have a quality life. Every neighborhood is different and the future of each neighborhood will be unique. Universally, however, through this General Plan the City is committed to engaging those directly impacted by future decisions and development to collaborate on strategies to reduce disproportionate environmental burdens and strive for equitable access to amenities and services and equitable protection from environmental hazards and pollution.