General Plan Update Public Review Draft Now Available

GENERAL PLAN UPDATE - Public Review Draft is now available!

Volume 1: Vision, includes chapters Core Values, Context and Administration

Volume 2: Built Environment, includes chapters on Land Use & Community Character, Focus Areas, Open Space, Mobility & Access, Housing, and Public Facilities & Services

Volume 3: Environmental Performance, includes Resource Conservations, Safety and Noise

PlanRC, encapsulated a year of community visioning, analysis and planning, the City of Rancho Cucamonga is excited to share a full draft of the General Plan Update for public review! The plan includes a long-term vision for the future that supports health, equity, and stewardship. To implement that vision, the Plan sets forth a comprehensive set of citywide policies and actions around land use, mobility, the environment, and more. The Draft document is available for review and comment by the community through July 18, 2021.

General Plan Update Public Review Survey Series

This is part a three-part survey to obtain your feedback on the Draft General Plan Update — particularly on the goals and policies. This survey provides an overview of the Land Use, Focus Area, and Mobility sections of the Plan and asks for your input.

Survey #1 Land Use, Focus Area, and Mobility

Survey #2 Housing, Open Space and Public Facilities

Survey #3 Resource Conservation, Safety and Noise

Be sure to join us for one of several presentations of the General Plan Update Public Review Draft and for opportunities to share feedback on the Draft, click HERE to see a list of ways to participate.

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