Adopt a Pet and Lost Pets

Adoptions:  Check the view animals section below and select the pet you would like to meet with.  You can learn more about each pet by clicking its photo.  Call us at (909) 466-7387 to schedule a phone interview.  If needed, we will arrange for an in-person meet and greet that adheres to social distancing.  Please note, pets that have a "Full List" hold on our website currently have a full list of people waiting to meet with them.  Please select another pet to meet with.

Lost Pets: Please check the view animals section below.  Pets that have been brought into the Center will be listed by the date of intake.  The most recent pets received will be on the last few pages.  If you see your pet, immediately call the Animal Center at 909-466-7387 to make an appointment to reclaim it.