Rancho Cucamonga earns 2022 SCAG Sustainability Award

Southern California is doing some amazing work on improving #sustainability in the region, and Rancho Cucamonga is proud to be a part of it! 

We are honored to have received a 2022 SCAG Sustainability Award for Efficient & Sustainable Land Use for our PlanRC General Plan Update. 

In the General Plan Update, health, stewardship, and equity emerged as the core values the community finds most important and aspirational. Each chapter of this plan is rooted in the vision and core values, with an expectation that the future can be harnessed to improve on the past. With a focus on reducing greenhouse gases to nearly 50 percent of 2018 levels by 2040, the City planned infill development to align with public transportation to support new development. Additional mobility choices in the form of new bike paths compliments miles of natural trails created for recreation.

Check out this video highlighting our efforts: