Beware of Fraudulent Missing Pet Injury Scam

Pet Owners:

We'd like to alert you to a concerning scam targeting vulnerable pet owners searching for their missing pets. Scammers are taking advantage of the emotional distress associated with lost pets.


The RC Animal Center has received multiple reports over the last few days that someone is contacting owners of lost pets claiming to be the RC Animal Center and telling owners that their pet has been found, but that they are injured. They proceed to tell the pet owners that funds need to be collected for the pet's medical care before the pet can be reclaimed.


THIS IS NOT the RC Animal Center, and that is not how we handle missing/found pets to reconnect them with their owners. We will never ask you for money over the phone to pay for your found pet's medical treatment.


If you receive a phone call from someone regarding your lost pet and you are unsure if it is legitimate, please HANG UP, and call us directly at 1-909-466-PETS (7387) to verify if we have found your missing pet. DO NOT give money over the phone to anyone claiming they have found your lost pet.