9/11 Memorial Project

9/11 Memorial Park


On July 4, 2002, steel remnants from the World Trade Center were donated to the Rancho Cucamonga community and displayed at the Jersey Fire Station for several days in order to allow community members to pay their respects and reflect on the events of 9/11. Reflection soon led to the desire for a permanent memorial in the City. 

The planning for Fire Station 178 presented an opportunity to make this more than just a fire station. It will also be home to a 9/11 Memorial Park that will create a space to remember the selfless sacrifice that was made on that unimaginable day. The park will feature remnants from the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Shanksville, PA. 

This 9/11 Memorial Park will need the support of the entire community. Raising funds to make this dream a reality will be vital. If every resident donates $8 to Station #8 for this 9/11 memorial, we will reach our fundraising goal of approximately $1.5 million dollars! 

Donations are now being accepted and information on naming opportunities for amenities within the park will be forthcoming. 



If you wish to donate by check, print and fill out the form below and return by mail:

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