Broadway Camp

Broadway Camp July 10 - July 26

Broadway Camp

For ages 9 - High School


Love theatre?! Love to sing and dance?! Broadway Camp is the place to be this summer.

  • The campers will study and learn music from Seussical, work on character voices and choices, and learn basic stage fundamentals.

  • The campers will learn dances, scenes, and music- which they can showcase in the production of Seussical.

  • The students will tackle theatre games, learn to sing with confidence and pride, prepare for auditions, and dance with emotion and story-telling.

Broadway Camp will not only concentrate on the techniques and skills students learn in theater to help them feel more comfortable performing in front of an audience, but theater also encourages communication, team-building, trust, and develops listening skills. Friendships built onstage and in theater can last a lifetime! As you can see, our Broadway Camp has a lot to offer those eager to learn and be on stage this summer!