Drought and Water Conservation

The State of California is currently experiencing historic drought conditions, resulting in emergency water regulations and conservation measures imposed by the Governor and water regulatory agencies. 

Drought Conservation

The City of Rancho Cucamonga is committed to water conservation to ensure a continuing supply of potable water for our community. As part of the City’s water conservation efforts, and in compliance with State mandates, at the June 15th City Council meeting, City Council approved discontinuing irrigation of “non-functional” turf (turf that is considered decorative), within the City’s parkways in Landscape Maintenance Districts 2, 4R, 6, and 7 and the purchase of smart irrigation controllers for better control and monitoring of water use by the City. In the coming weeks, parkways, the area of grass between sidewalks and the street, may begin to appear dry and no longer green due to these statewide water conservation mandates. This does not include grass used for recreation, such as sports fields, school yards, or parks. 

For more information on how the State of California is addressing water regulations and the ongoing drought, visit As Western Drought Worsens, Governor Newsom Moves to Bolster Regional Conservation Efforts

More information regarding the drought, Cucamonga Valley Water District’s schedule for outdoor watering, and water use best practices can be found on CVWD’s Drought Response webpage