Construction and Demolition Diversion Program

The City of Rancho Cucamonga is required by state law to reduce the amount of material that is hauled to landfills. To reach this goal, the City created the Construction and Demolition (C & D) Waste Diversion Program to divert materials generated from construction or demolition projects from landfill disposal to recycling or reuse.

Permit applicants for new construction or tenant improvements are required to submit a deposit before a building and/or demolition permit is issued if the project is valued over $100,000. Deposits are reimbursable if applicants provide proof that at least 65% of the waste was diverted from landfill disposal. In addition to the deposit, there is also a non-refundable administration fee to offset expenses incurred in administering the program including site inspections, document review, and processing. The amount of the deposit and fee vary with the size of each project.

PLEASE NOTE: Burrtec Waste Industries is the ONLY business permitted to haul trash in the City of Rancho Cucamonga. No unauthorized collection containers are allowed.

If Burrtec is not utilized for any portion of the project, there is a Self-Haul permit option available for general contractors that own hauling equipment. The C&D Self-Haul permit must be submitted and approved before the project begins. The C&D Self-Haul permit option is only available to the general contractor for the project. Sub-contractors, trucking companies, and/or third-party haulers are not allowed to haul any C&D materials within the City. For more information on the self-haul requirements, please see the Self Haul Permit form below:



Projects that are exempt from the C&D Program deposit are single-family residential homes that are four units or less, construction projects less than $100,000 in value, roofing projects that do not include a tear-off of the existing roof, and work that requires only plumbing, electrical, or mechanical permits. 

Deposit and Administrative Fee Amounts

Square Feet Deposit Amount    Square Feet Administrative Fee Amount
1,000 to 9,999 $5,000   Less than 5,000 $250
10,000 to 19,999 $10,000   5,000 to 9,999 $500
20,000 and greater $15,000   10,000 to 19,999 $750
      20,000 and greater $1,000

Reporting, Reimbursement Requirements and Instructions

Documentation that at least 65% of the total waste generated was diverted from the landfill by recycling or reuse is required. Acceptable documentation consists of weight tickets or other records of measurement from recycling facilities, processors, transfers stations, and landfills. 

Weight tickets must have the following information:

  • Disposal Date
  • Disposal Business Name
  • Material Type
  • Net Weight
  • Weight Ticket Number
  • City of Origin: This must be Rancho Cucamonga

Reimbursement request and supporting documents must be submitted within 60 days of final inspection or your deposit will be forfeited.

The reimbursement process is through the City's online portal service Accelerate.  To set up your account:

  1.  Go to the City's Online Permit Center
  2. Log on or create an account 
  3. Upload weight tickets throughout the project’s duration for immediate feedback. 

Instructions are located below:


Final review request and weight tickets must be submitted within 60 days of final inspection or your deposit will be forfeited.

All questions should be directed to Environmental Programs during business hours, Mondays through Thursdays between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at (909) 919-2635.