Community Champions

Since 2010 the Community Champions (Campeones para la Communidad) have provided Latino residents with leadership training and encouraged participation in local government activities. Community Champions develop policies and programs to improve our community's health and focus on areas of our City that have the greatest need. We are community members working together to improve the health and wellness of Rancho Cucamonga We look at health broadly, making a difference in the 8 community health priorities, from mental health to healthy aging to healthy eating and active living. Campeones members are also LISTOS instructors on disaster preparedness and have trained residents from their community on life-saving disaster preparedness skills.



  • Work on issues that matter to you and your neighbors
  • Promote healthy eating and active living
  • Gain leadership & communication skills
  • Build community pride
  • Learn about local government
  • Have fun!


"Being part of the Community Champions has empowered me to have a voice in improving the health of our community. This program has given me the opportunities to work with City staff and officials to bring meaningful change for my family and future generations." - Emma Quiñonez

“The Community Champions program was established to try and give voice to a part of the community that traditionally hasn’t always been well represented in local government. We specifically wanted to make an effort to break down the barriers, be it language, be it capability, be it knowledge of how local government works. It is vital to provide opportunities to empower residents to be a part of the process of shaping the future of their community. Everyone’s voice is important because everyone’s voice goes into formulating policies,” says City Manager, John Gillison.


Be a leader in your City, let's make a Healthy RC!




Community Champions meet on the 1st and 2rd Tuesday of the month from 12:00 pm-1:00 p.m. at the City Hall (10500 Civic Center Drive. Rancho Cucamonga). 

For more information please contact us at