Bats Test Positive for Rabies in Rancho Cucamonga

Animal Services Officers from the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center have collected several bats since July 1, 2020 in various locations throughout the City.  Six of the bats have tested positive for rabies.

Rabies is a rare, fatal infection that affects the central nervous system. The rabies virus is usually passed to mammals including dogs, cats, horses, and humans via the bite of a rabid animal.  Occasionally, rabies can be transmitted if the saliva of an infected animal gets into a fresh scratch, break in the skin, or contact with mucous membranes (eyes, mouth, nose). In Southern California, the bat is the most common carrier of the disease.

Animal Services Director Veronica Fincher reminds residents to not touch or handle bats.  “If you find a bat on the ground or an unusual location, do not attempt to touch it.  Keep children and pets away from the animal and immediately report it to the Animal Center’s Field Services Division at (909) 466-7387 option 1.”

Unvaccinated pets are at the greatest risk as they are the most likely to discover a bat on the ground. It is essential that all dog, cat, and horse owners ensure their pets are currently vaccinated for rabies. Residents should take the following precautions:

  • Never approach or touch a bat.
  • Bat-proof your home by ensuring windows and crawl spaces are screened and small openings are sealed to prevent bats from entering.
  • Immediately report an encounter with a bat, even if there was no physical contact with a person or pet.
  • Teach children to avoid approaching unfamiliar animals and to notify an adult if they had contact with or were bitten or scratched by any animal.
  • Seek immediate medical attention if you are exposed to or bitten by an animal.
  • Ensure pets are current on their rabies vaccines.

For more information visit:

Rancho Cucamonga Field Services Division 909-466-7387 option 1 or

Daily Bulletin Article on Bats (8/29/2020)

San Bernardino County Public Health Department Press Release about Bats  (7/31/20)

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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