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Healthy Earth

Healthy Earth strives toward a greener, cleaner Rancho Cucamonga by adopting policies and implementing programs and strategies that advance environmental sustainability in the community and in City operations. Learn how you can make a difference in buying local, energy, transportation & air quality, solid waste reduction, water, and environmental education.

Green Business Recognition Program
Green business is good business. Join the Rancho Cucamonga Green Business Recognition Program

today and view the list of certified Rancho Cucamonga green businesses that use environmentally friendly business practices to save money and promote sustainability.

Energy Efficiency Tips -
Below are tips on how you can become more energy efficient:

  • Swap incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescents (CFLs), LEDs, or solar lighting. Be sure to dispose CFLs at a Household Hazardous Waste Facility 
  • Use Energy Star appliances and devices
  • Set energy efficient settings on computers, dishwashers, thermostats, and more
  • Maintain and tune up air conditioners, heating systems, water heaters, insulation, windows, and more
  • Insulate your water heater and install a solar water heater. CSI is offering solar water heater rebates for single-family homes, multifamily, and commercial properties
  • Purchase solar photovoltaic panels for your home. For Southern California Edison customers, check out their rebates. Additionally, visit the City's new Solar Website as a one-stop-shop for everything solar!
  • Improve home weatherization with proper sealants, insulation, and windows
  • Utilize passive solar building design principles which use sunlight and shade to naturally heat and cool a space.
  • Hang dry clothes or use a clothes rack instead of the dryer which lengthens the life and color of garments

For information on Green Building visit the U.S. Green Building Council 

Renewable Energy
Purchase solar photovoltaic panels for your home. For Southern California Edison customers, check out their rebates.
The City has streamlined the solar panel permitting process.   Visit the dedicated 
Solar Website as a one-stop-shop for everything solar!

Property Accessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs

Property Accessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing programs are available to assist with home improvement projects. Several providers offer these services and participation in the PACE program is entirely voluntary.

Hero Program - The HERO Program makes it both easy and affordable to complete improvement projects including water conservation, energy consumption, and renewable energy. This program offers low-interest financing opportunities, a streamlined application process, and a directory of participating HERO contractors. Check out the list of eligible product activities with HERO Financing including water conservation.  The HERO Commercial program is available throughout San Bernardino County.  This video describes the program process.

 California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA)- There are a few PACE providers under CSCDA including Renew Financial and Counterpointe Energy.

   Figtree Financing  Commericial, industrial, and multi-family property improvements can be funded through the Figtree Financing Program.

YgreneWorks PACE Financing - The YgreneWorks PACE program offers financing for energy efficiency and water conservation improvements.   The funding is repaid through your property tax bill. 

California Municipal Finance Authority (CMFA) Financing - As part of it economic and community development, CMFA along with its current program administrators, such as Energy Efficient Equity (E3), are offering PACE financing for residential and commercial property owners in its member territories. 

 Home Improvement Program The City's Home Improvement Program provides 0% financing for qualifying homeowners to install energy efficient improvements including: insulation, windows, heating and cooling, water heating, solar photovoltaic energy, and more! For more information please call (909) 477-2700 ext. 4312.

Energy Rebates - Check out the various money saving rebates that are available.            


Cool California Challenge - Rancho Cucamonga has been crowned a "Cool California City"!  The City participated in the CoolCalifornia Challenge, a six month long, community-based competition to cut carbon emissions. The competition, lead by the California Air Resources Board, engaged households and community groups in ten cities across the state to use less energy, reduce their carbon footprints and build more vibrant and sustainable communities. Participants earned points by reducing household energy use and tailpipe emissions which was tracked using online software. A new rest stop along the Pacific Electric (PE) Trail at Hermosa Avenue has been dedicated to the Rancho Cucamonga Cool California Challenge Team for their efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Do your part by taking a look at a Cool Home Workshop presentation, to learn more about your home's energy use and ways to improve it.

Transportation and Air Quality -
use sustainable modes of transit to improve air quality.

Travel Green Use one of the following options for getting around:

How often does your vehicle really need an oil change? It might be more than 3,000 miles which saves money and uses motor oil efficiently.

Electric Nissan LeafPlug-In Electric Vehicles (PEVs)

Thinking of an electric car? Find
answers to your questions and read up on Southern California Edison's guide to be Plug-In ready. Other information is available from the Plug-In EV Resource Center. Need a permit for an EV charger? View the Building & Safety Department's website for information on their streamlined permitting process. 

Rebates are available to install an Electric Vehicle charging station at home with the Residential EV Charging Incentive Pilot Program through the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

PEV Rebates are currently available through the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project administered by California Center for Sustainable Energy and the EV Project.

Check out the AQMD Advisor newsletter that focuses on alternative fuel vehicles.

Healthy RC EV Charging Station Program

There are ten city-owned public EV charging stations in Rancho Cucamonga.  Take a look at a map of the charging stations which are located throughout the City. 

Electric vehicle owners are encouraged to download the Mobile-Now! app to access the EV stations.  This app enables users to access a charging session with a cell phone and receive a charging authorization code using a smartphone app or text message. A code is then generated which unlocks the EV charging station and sets the charging time. The rate for the EV Station is $1.50 per hour plus a convenience fee.  The maximum charging session is four hours. This system eliminates the need for billing or networking hardware in the EV charger itself making it less expensive and more reliable to enable the City to provide financially sustainable EV parking options. These stations are meant to be used as a "top off" charge with primary charging taking place at home.   

The Healthy RC EV Charging Station Program encourages use of alternative fuel vehicles and assists with clean air efforts. The City has made concerted efforts to be an electric vehicle-friendly community as part of its Healthy RC initiative to promote a cleaner, greener Rancho Cucamonga.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicles

Drivers of CNG vehicles in the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) can receive a $2,000 rebate for the purchase and installation of a Phill CNG appliance. This appliance can be mounted to the wall of a garage, carport, or placed outdoors for convenient home refueling. Don't forget your $1,000 federal income tax credit for home refueling appliances! This incentive will run until funding is exhausted. Visit the MSRC website for more information.                                                                             

Farmers' Markets Buying locally grown, seasonal produce has a smaller carbon footprint than buying something that was grown thousands of miles away and shipped to your nearest super market. Plus, you can often find produce that hasn't been sprayed with pesticides or grown using ecologically sound farming practices. Find locally grown produce, crafts, and other goods by patronizing your nearest California Certified Farmers' Market.

Buy Local - Purchasing locally made goods strengthens the local economy and reduces transportation-related emissions. Support your local Rancho Cucamonga businesses and look for items made in this region.  

Solid Waste Reduction -
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Buy Recycled to close the loop.

Reduce This is the most important step because it prevents waste from being created in the first place. Use reusable items like shopping bags, beverage containers, water bottles, utensils, napkins, and more.                

  • The City of Rancho Cucamonga no longer allows the use of expanded polystyrene, commonly known as "Styrofoam®", at any City facility, event or program. If you are using a City meeting room or park, please switch to other more environmentally friendly serving products.

Reuse Reusing items extends their life, saves resources from purchasing brand new products, cuts costs, and keeps them out the landfill a little longer. Purchase previously used goods like books, CDs, clothes, appliances, and more.

Recycle The City makes recycling easy for residents. A complete list of what goes in each container can be found in the Healthy RC Green Living Guide. Look for the recycling symbol on products that have a number inside which refers to the type of plastic used.

  • Starting July 1, 2012  AB 341 requires commercial recycling for businesses and multifamily complexes (with at least 5 units) that generate more than 4 cubic yards of solid waste per week. For more information on the bill please visit CalRecycle and for more information about recycling in Rancho Cucamonga please call the Environmental Programs info line.
  • The Commercial Climate Calculator is designed for virtually any California business or multifamily complexes to assess financial, greenhouse gas emission, and waste reduction/environmental benefits of reducing and recycling their discarded materials. If you have questions regarding the calculator please contact CalRecycle's Local Assistance and Market Development staff.
  • Recycle your mobile phone and other electronic waste at appropriate collection locations. To find a location visit Check with your cell phone carrier to participate in their own electronic recycling program and take advantage of any offered incentives.

Buy Recycled Purchasing recycled-content products is essential because it keeps the market strong for recyclables and closes the recycling "loop". Look for items that have the highest amount of "post-consumer recycled content", which means that items we recycle were used. "Recycled content" means paper scraps from the manufacturing process were used.

Composting Why throw valuable resources down the garbage disposal or into the trash bin? Divert organic waste from the landfill by composting kitchen food scraps, coffee grounds and tea bags, paper items, and more by turning them into a free fertilizer for your garden and landscape. You can compost in your backyard, under your sink, or use worms to break down organic material. View CalRecycle's information and resources on everything composting.

Household Hazardous Waste
Items like leftover chemicals, paint, cleaning supplies, batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), fertilizers, insecticides, medical waste and electronics (old computers, tv's) must be taken to a household hazardous waste facility. It is illegal to throw these products in the trash. Check the Green Living Guide for a complete list and take items to the City's Household Hazardous Waste facility. Visit to locate nearest drop off facilities for all types of items.

Please see the recent Waste and Recycling Newsletter.

- Use the measures below to manage this precious resource and take a look at these water saving tips

Water Efficiency It takes a great deal of energy to transport and clean water in addition to conserving this precious resource. At home use low flow shower heads, faucets, and toilets. See what your water usage is by using this calculator.

Landscape Calibrate outdoor sprinklers to ensure they are not watering the cement and only water during early morning or late evening to avoid evaporation. Install drip or soak irrigation and use California native drought tolerant plants. Install a flood management system, like a rain garden, so that the next time it rains, water seeps into the ground naturally and filtered by plants instead of the storm drain .

Water Quality Prevent urban runoff by properly disposing of chemicals, use organic fertilizers, and biodegradable products.

Rain Catchment - Installing a rain catchment system, like a rain barrel hooked up to your gutters, helps you use water efficiently and save money on utility bills. view the EPA's WaterSense Program website for more information on rain catchment systems and techniques.

Visit Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) to learn about water use, rebates, programs, and events.

  Residential or Commercial, Industrial, or Institutional

Resources Additional options and information on ways to reduce water usage.  

  • Finance water upgrades through the HERO program.
  • Turf removal programs through SoCal WaterSmart for residential or commercial.

Environmental Education - The Rancho Cucamonga Library provides Kill-A-Watt monitors for checkout. With this device you can measure the energy consumption of household appliances and reduce your electric bill. Check the library catalog for availability and visit the circulation desk to check one out. This service is provided by a grant from the California State Library.

The City has partnered with the Cucamonga Valley Water District in teaching students about water, recycling, gardening, resources, and energy efficiency at their Environmental Learning Center.

Visit the Frontier Project , a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) platinum certified building and demonstration site located in Rancho Cucamonga, which offers tours to learn all about the ease of incorporating green building practices.