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Smoke-Free RC

The City of Rancho Cucamonga launched its new Healthy RC Smoke-Free Recognition Program as part of the City’s overall Healthy RC initiative, which strives to encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for those who live, work, and play in the community. This innovative, voluntary program recognizes restaurants, hotels, and other Rancho Cucamonga businesses and apartment communities that have taken significant steps in order to provide a smoke-free environment for their patrons, apartment community residents, and employees. The program also establishes resources for residents including an online registry of smoke free businesses citywide.

Program participants will be invited to a City Council Meeting to receive a Certificate of Recognition signifying their business as a smoke-free establishment.  They will also be placed on the City’s official online registry of smoke-free establishments on the City’s Website.

To be considered for recognition, participants must demonstrate that they have taken significant steps, well beyond local, State, and Federal smoking restrictions, to provide a smoke-free environment at their establishment.  At a minimum, eligible apartment communities must dedicate at least 80 percent of its apartment units as smoke-free; hotels must provide 100 percent non-smoking guest rooms; and restaurants must dedicate its entire outdoor dining area as smoke-free in addition to other smoke-free efforts.

Applicants must certify that they are in compliance with all applicable no-smoking laws and commit to providing a smoke-free environment and appropriate signage.  Once a completed and signed application is submitted, City staff will schedule an onsite visit.

Interested Rancho Cucamonga businesses and apartment community managers/owners can download an application, e-mail, or call (909) 477-2700.