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Linking Existing Records to Accelerate

NOTE: Before submitting a request to link existing case/records you must first create a user account in Accelerate.

To access any of your cases/records created before May 30, 2014 you will need to ask us to link those cases/records to your Accelerate account.  Any new records created after May 29, 2014 may also need linking if you did not intially submit your application via Accelerate.

Linking your cases/records to your Accelerate account is especially useful for requesting inspections.

Link Existing Cases/Records to Your Accelerate Account
Please complete this form so that we can link your existing records to your Accelerate account.  We will link them for you if your email address was included with the case/record and matches the email address associated with your Accelerate user account.

In the field below, provide case/record number for each permit you wish to link in Accelerate.  (Case/record numbers are in the format like PMT2013-12345, DRC2010-12345, etc.)