Plans, Permits, and Inspections

Want to Accelerate your Development?

With Accelerate, our new online service, you can:

  • Apply for permits and plan checks online
  • Request inspections
  • Pay fees online by credit card
  • Check the status of your Rancho Cucamonga development projects

To use Accelerate you can either login as a Guest user or create your own user account.

  • Your existing RCTOPS login (username and password/PIN) is no longer be valid and you will need to create a new user account to access information about your application, project, inspections, or permit.  No special user account setup steps are required, you create and manage your own account including the ablity to reset lost passwords.
  • To access any of your cases/records created before May 30, 2014 you will need to ask us to link those cases/records to your Accelerate account
  • Any new records created after May 29, 2014 may also need linking if you did not intially submit your application via Accelerate.

Guest users will have limited access to information via Accelerate.

Also debuting is an updated Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) for tracking the status of your case/record, checking inspection results, and requesting inspections by telephone.  The new IVR phone number is (909) 477-2777.  You will need to know the IVR number associated with you record to use IVR.