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PlanRC Virtual Workshop - Deadline to Participate Has Been Extended!  

Click here now to participate in the PlanRC Virtual Workshop  

The PlanRC Virtual Workshop represents a new phase of PlanRC, the City’s General Plan Update. If you are new to the process or need a reminder, the General Plan is a blueprint for the City’s future and includes a vision, community values, goals and policies to guide decision-making.  

Since February of this year, PlanRC has received feedback from hundreds of community members through stakeholder interviews, two online surveys, and two multi-day virtual forums. From these thoughtful discussions, common themes have emerged and are summarized HERE.  

Throughout our outreach process we’ve been using words to describe and discuss issues, opportunities, and ideas. With this Virtual Workshop, we want to shift and add a different way to communicate ideas about the future of Rancho Cucamonga through visual components.  

During this Virtual Workshop, you will be asked to think about the themes and how they affect different parts of the city or may be applied differently in various parts of the city. You will be asked to rate and respond to a variety of different images that depict how these various themes may be translated into physical places.   

This Virtual Workshop includes a summary of what we've heard from the community to date, introduces the concept of Place Types and Community Planning Areas. You are welcome to answer questions for each of the Community Planning Areas or just focus on specific zones that interest you by clicking on the tab name. If you participate in all of the activities, the entire workshop will take approximately one hour to complete. You can pause at any time and continue at a later time while the workshop is open.   

We appreciate you taking the time to share your preferences and ideas about Rancho Cucamonga and we look forward to seeing the responses. The PlanRC team will compile all the valuable feedback and provide a summary of this Virtual Workshop in November.  

Please stay engaged with PlanRC!