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Healthy RC Launches Compassionate Community Initiative

We invite you to do acts of kindness and compassion in our community!

 Healthy RC and the City of Rancho Cucamonga are excited to announce the new Compassionate Community movement! With the changing landscape of our nation and world, we wanted to provide an actionable way that all people who live, work, and play in Rancho Cucamonga can contribute to creating a unified community. The Compassionate Cities and Communities movement is a global movement that strives to bring together our world through kindness and appreciation of the human family. 

The focus is on compassion and kindness toward every member of our community. This movement of compassion directly encompasses Healthy RC’s vision, mission, and values to create the healthiest community possible in Rancho Cucamonga. The goal is to reach every area of our community geographically, across all sectors, and all demographics. Every single person can be positively impacted by creating a culture of compassion in our city.

The following values will be interwoven through every part of the Compassionate Community movement:

  1. Inclusive – We are inclusive of all people and perspectives. We value the importance of each one’s contribution to the greatest good.

  2. Transparent – We value open and honest communication where everyone’s opinion, ideas, and contribution are significant.

  3. Engagement – We desire to provide meaningful opportunities for our community members to actively participate in building a Compassionate Community through their actions, words, and involvement.  

  4. Kindness – We see the heart of compassion as appreciating others, serving and giving to our community through acts of generosity, gratitude, and thoughtfulness as well as modeling an environment of friendliness and trust.

  5. Action – We desire to inspire people build and support a thriving, resilient, and sustainable compassionate community through their deeds and efforts.


The Healthy RC Compassionate Community movement will feature the following:

    -  Monthly themes to focus on (Random Acts of Kindness, Optimism month)

    - Collaboration with all partners and sectors in Rancho Cucamonga

    - Social media challenges

                                   - Kindness cards to encourage people to pay it forward

                                  - Website for people to share their acts of compassion and stories

                                  - Opportunity to meet new people in our community through events and programs

                                  - Fun for the entire family! 

Get Involved in Creating a Compassionate Community!

 If you would like to participate by sharing ideas or suggestions, becoming part of the planning committee, or simply just being involved please contact us! Your organization or community group can also help organize compassionate activities. Thank you to our community for desiring to create a welcoming and unified environment for everyone who enjoys Rancho Cucamonga.

For more information about Healthy RC and to get involved with the Compassionate Community movement, please visit or call (909) 477-2700.