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Firefighters Train in Vacant Buildings Ready for Demolition

Rancho Cucamonga Firefighters will have the opportunity to train on three vacant buildings soon to be demolished for a new construction project at Foothill Blvd. and Hermosa Ave.  Over the next three days (March 17 – 19), crews will rotate through various scenarios to hone their firefighting and rescue skills.

The property includes a former night club, convenience store and small apartment building.  Firefighters have been granted access to the buildings for a unique opportunity to train in three very different realistic settings.  Crews will practice breaching or cutting doors, windows, walls and the roof in a simulated response to a fire scenario.  No fires or burning of the buildings or the property will occur as part of the training event.

Although firefighters train regularly for a variety of scenarios, having the opportunity to do so in a realistic setting enhances their skillset in structural firefighting, forcible entry, “firefighter down” and more.  The Fire District appreciates the property owner’s graciousness in allowing the use of the buildings for this hands-on training opportunity to hone the skills of first responders and prepare them for all-risk hazards. 


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