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Police and Fire Host Community Training: "Surviving an Active Shooter"

If you and your family were out shopping and a gunman opened fire on the crowd, would you know what to do?  If you were at work and a disgruntled coworker or customer stormed into the business, how would you react?  Learn the appropriate response and critical survival skills through this unique training taught by police and firefighters.  On Thursday, March 17, 2016, Rancho Cucamonga Police and Fire departments will host “Surviving an Active Shooter” course, free of charge, from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center, located at 12505 Cultural Center Dr.


Although no one ever expects to find themselves in an active shooter situation, this training will teach participants the basic “run, hide, fight” response should they be faced with this.   First responders will also demonstrate how bystanders can provide first aid for traumatic injuries, a skill that greatly improves the victims’ chances of survival.  Of course, preventing such a tragedy is crucial so police and firefighters will also teach participants to be more observant and aware of their surroundings as well as how and when to report suspicious activity or behavior. 


Rancho Cucamonga’s first responders have trained together specifically on active shooter scenarios since 2003.  Only in the last few months has training been offered to the community on how to respond or survive an active shooter situation.



“We’ve found that a large amount of victims die before medical personnel can reach them,” said Firefighter Ofer Lichtman who is one of the Fire District’s lead trainers.  “We need to teach critical medical care for the people that would actually find themselves in these situations.  It can increase their chances of survival.”  This unique training opportunity offers just that, and more.


Since Rancho Cucamonga Police and Firefighters began training together on response to these scenarios more than a decade ago, they have held over 120 joint active shooter drills and scenarios as well as countless hours spent establishing protocols and procedures for an effective response to these dynamic and complicated scenes.  Rancho Cucamonga public safety members are leading the way in tactical response training and procedures, serving on state and national committees for both disciplines.  


Class registration is necessary as seating is limited.  Please email your name, date of birth, address and phone number to   If community members are unable to attend this session of “Surviving an Active Shooter,” the training will also be held Thursday, April 14th and Saturday, May 14th.

( "Surviving an Active Shooter" course flyer )