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Kitten Season is Fast Approaching!

Kitten Season is Fast Approaching!

Last year, the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center opened a 24 hour neonatal kitten nursery.  This donor supported program is one of the first to open in a Municipal Animal Shelter and provided care to 800 underage orphaned kittens.   During the months of April through October, volunteers and community members donated their time to this labor of love project to bottle feed, provide general care and socialize kittens 1 day old to 8 weeks old (until they are old enough for adoption).   The Kitten Nursery was a huge success and a program that saved many more lives.

This year, we anticipate the nursery will open in mid-April and will care for over 1,000 underage kittens.   Additional funding and volunteers are needed to continue this life saving work.  Please consider donating, volunteering, or becoming a foster parent.  

To learn a little more about our life saving efforts, check out Making Magic

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