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Public Safety Services Dashboard

New Public Safety Services Online Dashboard

The City recently launched a new online dashboard application that is designed to help improve the transparency of City operations and share information about key services the City provides for the public. The first phase of the dashboard incorporates data and statistics about public safety services provided by the Police and Fire Departments, such as response times, crime reduction, emergency preparedness, and fire inspections. The dashboard is interactive and includes charts, summary data and GIS maps, which allows the public to easily access and download up-to-date information about public safety activities and track the City’s progress towards meeting it's performance targets.

The City plans to expand the dashboard city-wide in the winter of 2015 and incorporate data for services provided in all areas of governance, including community and economic development, health and sustainability, community and cultural services, and finance and management.

The public safety dashboard can be viewed online at Stay tuned for updates regarding the city-wide implementation of the performance dashboard site.