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Red Hill Water Feature (re-opened)

On Saturday, April 2, 2016 the community celebrated in the reopening of the newly renovated water feature at Red Hill Park. Guests enjoyed the beautiful weather with great music, food, fun and professional pictures taken by RC Photo Club. Photos from the event can be viewed at beginning April 7, 2016.



January 25, 2016 - Construction on the Red Hill Lake Modernization / Restoration Project began today and is expected to be complete in March 2016 (weather permitting).  Work planned over the next couple of weeks includes removal of the existing pumps, installation of plumbing between the pump house and the lake, and modifications to the park’s irrigation system.


The lake at Red Hill Park was constructed in 1985, originally as a run-off basin for the property the park now resides on.  Red Hill Park Lake boasts an operating volume of 1.29 million gallons (3.9 acre feet) at an average depth of 8 feet.  Until now the lake has only been drained and cleaned once in 1989.  This was primarily needed due to a drastic change in the water condition caused by run-off, fertilizer from the surrounding turf and an accumulation of sediment in the lake.  At that time, a drainage system was installed and the perimeter was re-graded to divert site run-off away from the lake. 

Since 1989, the lake has been an attraction for the residents and visitors to the park.  It has served as a destination for migrating fowl and some domesticated birds as well.  Over the years, visitors have also deposited a variety of fish and turtles into the lake.  Unfortunately, the lake was never designed to support the amount of wildlife experienced over the last 25 years. 

The excessive wildlife has been a major contributor to the declining quality of the lake water.  It has also become the primary reason for the extensive maintenance and water treatment costs. The City was unable to support an acceptable level of water quality with the lake in its current deteriorating condition. 


February 5, 2014:    City Council authorized the Engineering and Public Works Services Departments to drain, clean and re-engineer Red Hill Park Lake.  

May 2014:   The City contracted with Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering, Inc. ("PACE"), a civil engineering firm specializing in advanced water resource services. PACE was directed by City to evaluate the current condition of Red Hill Park Lake from an engineering, biological and maintenance perspective and to develop viable redesign options which would result in a cleaner, more cost effective and aesthetically pleasing water feature.

September 2014:  City Council authorizes PACE to move forward to the conceptual design with staff recommended concept.

February 4, 2015:  City Council approved the plans and specifications, and approved the resolution authorizing the City Clerk to advertise the “Notice Inviting Bids”. 

March 3, 2015: Bids opened.

April 1, 2015: Bids rejected by the City Council. The Engineer's estimate was $250,000; however, after evaluating the bids, staff determined that all bids received exceeded the Engineer’s estimate by no less than 18%. In being financially prudent, staff recommended that all bids be rejected for Red Hill Park Lake Modernization Project as non-responsive to the needs of the City.

Staff will reevaluate the project scope and make modifications as necessary in attempt to solicit bids in-line with the Engineer’s estimate

October 2015:  Project Out for Rebid

December 16, 2015:  The construction Bids were received and the results of that bid process were brought to Council; voting to approve the $268,975 contract.

In addition to increased efficiencies of equipment, the modernized lake feature will serve as a recycled water resevoir, cycling water to irrigate some of the turf area of the park and provide energy savings with solar panels. 

January - March: Construction completed

April 2, 2016 -  Water Feature Re-Opened