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SNiP-RC with Western University

A new low cost spayand neuter program brought to you by the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care andAdoption Center in partnership with Western University School of Veterinary
Medicine.  On April 7th,14th, and28th, Western University
will perform public spays and neuters at the RC Animal Center in theirfully-equipped clinic-on-wheels,better known as the Veterinary Ambulatory Community Service (VACS)
Program or “VACS Van”. 

Make your appointment today at the RC Animal Center, located at 11780Arrow Route, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730.  Limited paces are availablefor Rancho Cucamonga residents only. Surgery pricesare:
Dog Neuter: $50 (<35 lbs.), $60 (35 – 60 lbs.), $75 (60 – 85 lbs.)
Dog Spay: $60 (<35 lbs.), $75 (35 – 60 lbs.), $95 (60 – 85lbs.)
Cat Neuter: $20 and
Cat Spay: $45
Vaccines available for $10 each

**Anon-refundable payment is due when the appointment is made.  All surgeriesperformed by Western University Veterinarians.**

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