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English Bulldogs and Golden Retrievers Transferred from Devore Animal Shelter

The Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care and Adoption Center is assisting the San Bernardino County Animal Shelter in a wide scale effort to find homes for dogs confiscated as part of a puppy mill bust.

Today the Animal Center received multiple English Bulldogs and Golden Retrievers that will be placed up for adoption shortly. 

Due to the EXTREME HIGH DEMAND for these dogs, we will be requiring the following from ALL potential adopters:

  • Participate in our general adoption Meet & Greet procedure (see details on the attached document).
  • Provide proof that you either have owned that breed of dog (currently or previously) or can demonstrate thorough knowledge of the breed you are interested in.
  • Provide the contact number for your personal veterinarian for our staff to verify proper veterinary care has been provided to pets you currently or have previously owned.

Please note that we CAN NOT guarantee the health of these dogs.  They were taken from conditions in which they were not given proper medical care or nutrition.  Our medical staff is performing wellness examinations, caring for any extreme medical conditions at this time, and will be spaying & neutering all pets.  Some of these pets may require additional medical care directly after adoption.  We recommend you read the information attached for some general information on the various medical issues these breeds tend to be prone to.

Although we expect them to be available for adoption on Monday February 23rd, some pets may be held for a longer period of time for further surgical or medical evaluation, if deemed necessary by our medical staff and we cannot provide information on who will be pulled when. 

We look forward to working with our community and finding loving homes for these wonderful pets.  

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