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New Development Services Portal - Accelerate

Say hello to Accelerate, an expanded way to apply for permits* and plan checks*, request inspections*, pay fees by credit card, and check the status of your Rancho Cucamonga development project.

Accelerate debuted on June 2, 2014 and replaced RCTOPS. Find Accelerate online at

Also debuted was an updated Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) for tracking the status of your case/record, checking inspection results, and requesting inspections by telephone. The new IVR phone number is (909) 477-2777.

Reminder: RCTOPS is no longer available to apply for permits or request inspections.

*The Fire District tab on the Accelerate portal can be used to apply for a Special Event permit, pay fees and view PDF versions of previous inspection reports.  Accelerate cannot be used to request or schedule a Bureau inspection or re-inspection or apply for a Fire Code Operating Permit.  For these requests, please contact the Prevention Bureau at (909) 477-2770.