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RED FLAG WARNING - March 12, 2014

A Red Flag Warning has been issued for Wednesday, March 12th from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Red Flag warnings and alerts are issued when extreme weather conditions exist, including wind speeds of 25mph or more, high fire danger, or low relative humidity. The district will fly red flags at all seven fire stations when a Red Flag Warning has been issued by the National Weather Service, typically 24 hours before the anticipated weather. While the Red Flag warning is in effect, Rancho Cucamonga residents should take the appropriate precautions. These include keeping trails adjacent to homes clear to avoid delaying fire personnel’s response should a brush fire occur. Use extreme caution when working with spark or flame producing machinery and never leave a fire unattended. Sparks or embers can blow into leaves or grass, ignite a fire, and quickly spread.

The Fire District recently adopted a Red Flag program for all Rancho Cucamonga Fire Stations in accordance with the National Weather Service's Red Flag Warning System.  Red flags will be flown at all Rancho Cucamonga fire stations to raise community awareness when hazardous conditions are high.