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Sandbags Available at Designated Fire Stations

The Fire District offers free sandbag materials to all Rancho Cucamonga residents, local businesses, and school district sites through sandbag filling stations at select fire stations.  There is a limit of 25 sandbags per resident, local business, or school campus and they cannot be used for commercial purposes.  

Sandbag materials are available at the following fire stations:

  • Amethyst Fire Station: 6627 Amethyst Street
  • Banyan Fire Station: 11108 Banyan Street
  • East Ave. Fire Station: 5840  East Avenue
  • Hellman Fire Station: 9270 Rancho Street

If you are unable to fill the sandbags yourself, please contact Fire District Headquarters at (909) 477-2770 for alternate arrangements and accommodations.