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RCAC Offers Free Spays & Neuters for Pit Bulls

To Celebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Day, the RanchoCucamonga Animal Care and Adoption Center is offering a special "PittyPackage" to the first 50 Rancho Cucamongaresidents interested in spaying or neutering their Pit Bull or Pit Bullmix. 


From October 26th –November 26th, Rancho Cucamongaresidents can obtain this special package which includes: a voucher for a freeSpay or Neuter at a local veterinary hospital, a 1 year rabies vaccination (ifneeded), and a 1 year dog license.


To obtain this package: 

From 10/26/13 – 11/26/13, bring your current proof ofresidency and your dog OR your dog’s current proof of rabies vaccination to theAnimal Center during business hours and ask forthe “Pitty Package”.  Please note thatyou must bring the above items at that time as we can not issue the package itwithout them.


What we will give you:

  • A voucher good for 1 free spay or neuter surgery provided by 5 local veterinary hospitals.  **Please note that any costs incurred in addition to the surgery are the dog owner’s responsibility.
  • A free rabies vaccination, if your dog is due.
  • A free temporary dog license good for 30 days.  If you bring in a copy of the sterilization certificate from the veterinary hospital to the Animal Center within that 30 day period, this will become a free 1 year dog license.


The “Pitty Package” is open to the first 50 residents and is limited to one dog per household.  Current proof of residency is REQUIRED to obtain the package.  Proof of residency must be a valid CA Drivers License or ID card.  If your address is not current on your ID, you must bring in the most current months Utility Bill (gas, power, water) and have a Change of Address card from the DMV.

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