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"Haunted Houses" Need Fire Department Approval

Planning to host a “Haunted House” this Halloween?   Fire District approval is needed so be sure to contact the Prevention Bureau as soon as possible during the planning process.  There may be additional requirements for temporary street and lane closure permits so be sure to review the City's hand-out from the Engineering Dept.

In recent years, “Haunted Houses” have grown in popularity amongst non-profit organizations, churches, schools and residents.  A little known fact, however, is that they are subject to fire and life safety regulations, such as ensuring “Haunted House” visitors and actors can safely navigate the temporary structure and exits are unobstructed.  The Fire District wants to work with “Haunted House” hosts to ensure everyone enjoys Halloween safely.  Take a moment to watch the news clip of a "Haunted Barn" attraction in New York was destroyed by fire last year.  A partnership with the Fire District during "Haunted House" planning efforts could prevent such a tragedy from occuring in our community. 

A guidance document has been developed by the Prevention Bureau, and explains the requirements for constructing and decorating a “Haunted House.”  Permit applications, including site plans and emergency procedures, will be reviewed by the Fire Marshal and Fire Inspectors will work with the individual or organization to ensure all proper fire detection systems and safety provisions are in place.  “Haunted Houses” will be spontaneously inspected by Prevention Bureau personnel to ensure the public’s safety.  

For more information about the requirements for hosting a “Haunted House,” contact the Prevention Bureau at (909) 477-2770 during normal business hours (Monday thru Thursday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

( Haunted Houses in Residential Areas )