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Mobile App Could Help Save Lives

Did you know your cell phone can help you save someone’s life? The PulsePoint mobile app, which alerts CPR-trained citizens to someone nearby in sudden cardiac arrest, is now available in Rancho Cucamonga and most of San Bernardino County! Completely integrated with our 9-1-1 system, PulsePoint helps cardiac arrest victims get immediate help from nearby people while Paramedics are dispatched and respond.

If the cardiac emergency occurs in a public place, the app is activated by our dispatch center (CONFIRE) while Rancho Cucamonga Firefighter/Paramedics are simultaneously notified and sent to the location. (PulsePoint is not activated for cardiac arrests at residential addresses.) The app can also direct bystanders to an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to provide additional help for the cardiac arrest victim until Paramedics arrive. PulsePoint offers a companion app, PulsePoint AED, that allows people to identify public access AEDs throughout the community to enhance the response efforts for cardiac emergencies.

Performing CPR immediately after sudden cardiac arrest can increase, even triple, the chance of survival of someone who has a heart attack. Unfortunately, today’s data shows that only 30-35% of heart attack victims receive CPR from bystanders.   To help train more people in CPR, the Fire District launched a Hands-Only CPR training program five years ago. According to the American Heart Association, hands-only CPR is as effective as traditional CPR.

In addition to the life-saving CPR/AED functionality, the app shares real-time updates on Fire District responses such as structure fires, traffic collisions and rescues. PulsePoint will not share calls for medical assistance, whether at a public place or private residence, to protect one’s privacy.

Having trained individuals notified and capable of rendering aid, means more cardiac arrest victims will have a better chance of survival. The Fire District encourages everyone to download the free PulsePoint app. You never know when you might be in the right place at the right time to help someone. You just might save a life!