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Update: North Eastern Sphere Annexation Proposal

UPDATE: Council Provides Direction to Review a Lower Density Plan for the North Eastern Sphere Annexation Proposal

Last Fall, City Staff conducted initial outreach to the community regarding the proposal to annex 4,115 acres of land, currently not within the city limits, currently unincorporated San Bernardino County area, this is the North Eastern Sphere Annexation Proposal (NESAP). Informational outreach was done with a flier mailer, website information, Fact Sheet, video and surveys were conducted, in addition to four Community Meetings conducted in various locations. The discussions included sharing early planning concepts for approximately 2,900 acres to be “conservation priority area” and allow for development on approximately 1,200 acres. As a reminder: there is NOT a development proposed with this area, zoning identification is a required part of the annexation process and must be identified prior to annexation.

After reviewing feedback received in the initial outreach effort, during the December 20, 2017 City Council Meeting, the City Council directed staff to evaluate a revised proposal WITH lower density zoning, no apartments AND reduced levels of office and commercial zoning (i.e., hair salons, dry cleaners, restaurants, etc.) commensurate with a small neighborhood center. We wanted to provide this quick update to the revised annexation proposal direction/review.

This type of evaluation takes time and research, to provide the option analysis required to determine feasibility. We anticipate sharing a revised proposal to the public with the identified options in April/May. Conservation of as much of the foothill area as we can achieve is a primary goal for the city leadership and community.

We thank you for your feedback and participation in the discussions regarding the initial annexation proposal; we look forward to sharing the updated proposal with the community.

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December 20, 2017 City Council Meeting: