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Rebate Program for Electric Vehicle Drivers

Southern California Edison (SCE) recently launched a Clean Fuel Rewards Program to promote the switch to greener transportation options in Southern California with a $450.00 rebate. Those eligible are SCE customers who have an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles (EVs).To qualify for the rebate, customers simply need an active SCE residential account and a scanned copy of the car's registration that reflects the SCE account address. This program also applies to second and third owners of new, used, or leased EVs. The purchase date of the electric vehicle does not factor into rebate eligibility and each household may receive the Clean Fuel Rebate one time.

This rebate program is made possible through the Clean Fuel Rewards program via California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program. SCE earns credits when customers use electricity at home to charge their EVs. SCE then returns the value of these credits to electric vehicle customers through this program.   To make the transition to EVs even more appealing, SCE also launched a program called, “Charge Ready” to assist in expanding the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations.

Rancho Cucamonga’s newly adopted Sustainable Community Action Plan has identified that the City’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions comes from On-Road Transportation. Driving an EV is not only economical because electricity is a lower cost fuel versus gasoline, but also contributes to the implementation of the City’s overall sustainable efforts. To find out more about the City’s programs and efforts for alternative fuel vehicles, please visit

Take advantage of this opportunity to receive a $450 rebate which supports a more sustainable lifestyle. To learn more about SCE’s Clean Fuel Rewards Program, visit