Terrorism, Crime, Cybersecurity, and Safety Awareness



Business Emergency Resiliency Training (BERT) Unit #6: 

Terrorism, Crime, Cybersecurity, and Safety Awareness

Does your business practice active crime prevention and personal safety?

Does your business teach its employees terrorism, safety, and situational awareness?

Does your business know the importance of and practice cybersecurity?

This FREE course you will:

  • Identify potential terrorist and crime targets
  • Assess terrorism risk as well as eight signs of terrorism
  • Learn tips and strategies to prevent your business and employees from becoming victims of crime
  • The importance of and how to increase your business’s cybersecurity
  • Employee crime safety and prevention

About the BERT Program:

Business Emergency Resiliency Training (BERT) prepares businesses and employees for an emergency through a six-course series. Each session can be taken as a stand-alone preparedness course but forms a comprehensive training if completed in a series. Each course teaches a skill or adds another tool for building disaster resiliency.

Taking the classes in succession allows you to establish a cohort style relationship with fellow businesses in the community. Your participation will have a greater impact in building community preparedness and resiliency because businesses can help businesses in a time of disaster. BERT courses are FREE and offered every year in a sequence.

Business: All businesses are welcome. Your business does not have to be located in Rancho Cucamonga.

For additional information on the BERT program and courses visit: CityofRC.us/ReadyRC 

If you have any questions, please call 1-909-774-3020 or email ReadyRC@CityofRC.us