Business Emergency Resiliency Training (BERT) Unit #4 & #5: Emergency Operations and Business Continuity Plans

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Is your business ready for an emergency?

Learn how your business can be ready before, during, and after an emergency!

This FREE course you will:

  • Teach you the basic framework, including templates for Emergency Operations and Business Continuity Plans
  • Give you the opportunity to network and collaborate on planning needs
  • Help you identify hazards and resources for continuing business operations following a disaster 
  • Introduction to exercise design 
  • Learn how to implement emergency plans
  • Demonstrate how to complete a disaster exercise
  • Gather resources to ensure businesses succeed in exercising their emergency plan


Business Emergency Resiliency Training (BERT) prepares businesses and employees for an emergency through a six-course series. Each session can be taken as a stand-alone preparedness course, but forms comprehensive training if completed in a series. BERT course are FREE and offered every other month.