Neighborhood and Community

If you are interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch for your neighborhood, please contact our Crime Prevention Unit at (909) 477-2800 for instructions and information.

If you would like to find statistical information regarding crimes reported in your neighborhood or community you can utilize the Community Crime Mapping website.

If you would like additional Neighborhood or Community Crime Prevention information or resources that were not listed here, please contact our Crime Prevention Unit at (909) 477-2800 or visit the following websites:

External Links

  • The National Crime Prevention Council. The NCPC produces publications, programs, training, and public service announcements that communities can use to learn crime prevention strategies, engage community members, and coordinate with local agencies.
  • USA on Watch, a part of the National Sheriff's Association, in conjunction with several Federal Agencies, encourages participation in local Neighborhood Watch programs. The organization invites citizens to register their local Neighborhood Watch program to record the number of active programs nationally; and supports Neighborhood Watch programs by providing publications, newsletters, pandemic information and planning tools, neighborhood watch training, and business watch training.