School Resources Officers

The Rancho Cucamonga Police Department has four School Resource Officers assigned to assist schools, parents, and students with issues occurring on K-12 public school campuses or for law enforcement issues relating to the schools.

Our School Resource Officers:

  • Act as a liaison between the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department and the schools
  • Enforce all laws pertaining to schools
  • Act as the law enforcement representative for the school attendance review board
  • Assist schools in the safe school program to maintain a safe school environment
  • Coordinate the privately contracted K-9 program which provides specially trained canines that sniff out things prohibited or dangerous on school grounds such as: drugs, alcohol, and explosives at the High Schools in the City of Rancho Cucamonga

School Resource Officers also make presentations, upon request, for Career Day, problems with bullying, and other topics specific to schools. Our School Resource Officers often work in conjunction with our Crime Prevention Division to make or coordinate other presentations or programs desired by the schools.

The schools in the City of Rancho Cucamonga participate in Operation Clean Sweep. Clean Sweep is a program that allows school administrators to issue a citation to students that engage in certain prohibited activities. The most common activities include truancy, possession of tobacco products and/or marijuana, and fighting. The citation requires the juvenile and a parent or legal guardian to appear in juvenile traffic court.

Our School Resource Officers provide services to the following schools:

 High Schools

 Alta Loma Rancho Cucamonga  Los Osos  Etiwanda 

 Middle School/Junior High School

 Alta Loma Cucamonga  Vineyard  Ruth Musser 
 Rancho Cucamonga    Etiwanda Summit Day Creek

 Elementary Schools

 Alta Loma Carnelian  Deer Canyon  Hermosa 
 Jasper Stork  Victoria Groves  Banyan 
 Central Bear Gulch  Coyote Canyon  Dona Merced 
 Valle Vista Cucamonga  Los Amigos  Windrows 
 Caryn Carleton Lightfoot Terra Vista Etiwanda Colony
 Grapeland John Golden  Perdew

You can also view the Rancho Cucamonga Municipal code 9.30.020 related to truancy or the Rancho Cucamonga Municipal Code 9.30.010 related to curfew for further information.