Pacific Electric Trail

The City of Rancho Cucamonga, acting as the lead agency, has joined together with surrounding cities to develop a multi-purpose trail from the Los Angeles County Line at Claremont to Rialto. The 20-mile long trail follows the Southern Pacific railroad corridor which was originally built for the famous Pacific Electric Railway.

The Pacific Electric Trail provides recreational opportunities for cyclists, pedestrians, runners, and equestrians.   Residents and visitors are able to exercise on a protected trail (half paved / half dirt) that provides convenient access to jobs, public facilities, and shopping.

For more information about the Pacific Electric Trail, click here.

Bicycle Trails

Bicyclists will enjoy our nearly 50 miles of bike trails (over 100 miles are ultimately planned). In a recent survey, 63% of residents indicated that they ride for recreation on a daily or weekly basis. Rancho Cucamonga's bicycle trail system consists of three types of trails:

  • Class I Bike Paths - Completely separated right-of-way for exclusive use of bicycles
  • Class II Bike Lanes - Striped lane on road shoulder for preferential use of bicycles
  • Class III Bike Routes - Signs or pavement markings indicate that bicycles share roadway with cars

To view the bike trail map, click here.

Hiking and Riding Trails

Over 97 miles of public hiking and riding trails are planned, in addition to the many private trail easements at the rear of lots within the equestrian areas. There are two types of public hiking and riding trails in Rancho Cucamonga:

  • Regional Trails - These form the backbone of the citywide trail system. They are long distance connectors to the regional parks, scenic canyons and other open spaces. Regional Trails are designed for hikers, bikers and equestrians.
  • Community Trails - These trails form loops of varying length and provide connections to the Regional Trail system, community facilities such as parks and schools, and link the private equestrian trails within subdivisions. Community Trails are designed for hikers and horse riders.