Planning Maps

The following is a list of maps available to the public from the Planning Department.



RC Story Map

 Our Planning Department and Department of Innovation & Technology (DOIT) got together to create and launch an On-Line City Projects & Private Development interactive map based on an Esri story-map platform to help answer the question we hear often from our residents: “What’s happening there?”



 My Community

My Community allows users to search for a property based on an address and retrieve information about the property in a customized report that includes zoning, general plan, census data, services and utilities, special districts, environmental flood information, school districts, closest parks, and general property information.


INside Rancho

Inside Rancho provides enhanced economic development and site selection services to the business community. Allowing users to search for available commercial buildings and sites as well as generate site-specific demographic and business analysis reports.




Zoning Map

The Zoning Map of the City of Rancho Cucamonga designates the existing land-use classification for each parcel of the city as defined by the City’s Zoning Ordinance. Land-use categories include Open Space, Specific Plan areas, Planned Communities and Overlay Zoning Districts.



Uniform Sign Programs Map

The Uniform Sign Programs (USP) Map shows the locations of the different sign programs throughout the City. The USP establishes specific design standards for shopping centers, office parks, and multi-tenant developments in order to incorporate a project theme and create uniform design elements to consistently be carried throughout all tenant signs, such as color, lettering style, logo, etc.


Bikeways Map

The City has a long-term commitment to developing a comprehensive trail system within the community. As part of the Healthy RC program, we view recreation as one of the basic necessities of life which also contributes to the overall quality of life. The Bikeways Map shows the trail system that is available in the community so you can use it for recreation enjoyment or exploration of the community.