General Plan

What is the City's General Plan?

Every jurisdiction in California is required by State law to have a General Plan that covers at least seven topics: Land Use, Circulation/Transportation, Housing, Conservation, Open Space, Noise, and Safety. Cities may include optional elements that address issues of local importance.

The City Council, Planning Commission, and City staff must refer regularly to the General Plan for guidance in making development decisions or recommendations. The City's General Plan also contains strong community design principles that have been applied to projects since the City's incorporation, which are visible in the high quality of site development, architecture and landscaping throughout Rancho Cucamonga today.

Role of the General Plan

The Rancho Cucamonga General Plan documents our shared vision of tomorrow, and defines the steps to progress from the present to the future. As a long-range policy document (with a projected horizon of 15 to 20 years), frequently referred to as the guidebook or “blueprint” for our City's development, the General Plan directs the look, the feel, and the experience of our City now and in the future.

The General Plan is the foundation for many of the City's regulatory documents, including the Development Code, redevelopment plans, specific plans, community plans, master plans, and design guidelines. The way we evaluate proposed developments and plan for future public services and community projects is guided by the General Plan.

The Plan defines how we will maintain economic sustainability, meet our transportation and mobility needs, protect of our limited natural and historical resources, and enhance our cultural assets. The Plan is comprehensive and looks at all aspects of our built environment and natural resources, with the overarching goal of maintaining and enhancing the health of Rancho Cucamonga and our residents.

Since its incorporation in 1977, Rancho Cucamonga has revisited its General Plan on a consistent basis to measure progress toward goals and respond to changes in State law. The 2001 comprehensive General Plan update responded to the maturing nature of the City, recognizing that much of the City is fully developed or committed to development through large-scale master plans.

With the 2010 General Plan update, the focus shifted to infill development (development of remaining vacant properties within developed business districts and residential neighborhoods). With the emergence of new regional transportation plans in the mid-2000s and the State's mandates that cities consider global warming issues in their long-range plans, combined with the City's growing interest in creating opportunities for improved community health through land use, circulation, and related planning approaches, Rancho Cucamonga initiated a broad-based program to expand the scope of the Plan.

The General Plan takes a new approach to city-building that commits itself to the integration of systems (transportation, infrastructure, and land use), collaboration of efforts (residents, businesses, and City leaders), and full-circle comprehensiveness (property, block, neighborhood, and community levels). For Rancho Cucamonga, planning is action. It is not merely an exercise to meet State laws but a proactive way of realizing the City we strive to be.

From Vision to Reality

General Plan

On May 19, 2010, the City Council adopted the Rancho Cucamonga General Plan and certified the Environmental Impact Report.

The General Plan provides the policy guidance to create our shared future in Rancho Cucamonga: to transform our principles of community building that we hold strong, and turn them into a living reality. The Plan will enhance the quality of life for current and future generations, and strives for a comprehensive approach to nurturing our minds, bodies, and our earth.

The General Plan relies upon the Implementation Plan to provide the specific guidance that will lead to implementation of the goals and policies listed throughout the document. Through the Implementation Plan and the continued involvement of an engaged community, we will take our vision of the Rancho Cucamonga of the future, and turn it into a reality.

For more information regarding the General Plan, contact the Planning Deparment at (909) 477-2750 or check out the links below: