Candyce Burnett
Planning Director

Welcome to the Planning Department website.  You will find a variety of planning and development resources on our site.  We want you to find all the information you need.  If you cannot find the desired information or need any clarification please call us  at (909) 477-2750 or come visit us at City Hall.  We are happy to serve you.

The Planning Department functions as the professional and technical advisor to the Planning and Historic Preservation Commission and the City Council on policy matters and issues concerning the physical development of the community; to encourage proactive long-range planning, to recognize and solve problems before they occur and take advantage of opportunities while they exist; to promote citizen awareness in support of community goals, objectives, policies, and programs; and to actively promote retail expansion by attracting new stores, restaurants, and services to the community.

To achieve this, the Department's staff applies the development and design standards as described in the General Plan and the Development Code. After conducting a thorough analysis of a proposed project, the Department's staff then provides recommendations to the Planning Department, the Planning Commission and the City Council.

As development is a team effort, the Department coordinates activities among the other departments including the Engineering Services Department's Land Development and Traffic Sections, Fire Construction Services (FCS), Building and Safety, and the Police to ensure that development is safe, orderly, of the highest architectural standard, and conducive to the business community.

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