North Eastern Sphere Annexation Specific Plan


Project Title:  North Eastern Sphere Annexation Specific Plan (NESASP) DRC2015-00751 (also referred to as the "North Eastern Sphere Annexation Project").

Project Location:  The NESAP project area extends from Haven Avenue, easterly to the City’s boundary with Fontana, and from the northerly City limits to the National Forest boundary (See Local Vicinity Map Exhibits).

                                                              NESAP Development Priority Area Map is available below in Documents for Review.

Project Description:  The NESAP is a proposal to annex approximately 4,115 acres of land within the City’s Sphere of Influence.  The entirety of the NESAP will include the development of a project specific plan, a General Plan Amendment, Zoning Map Amendment, Etiwanda North Specific Plan Amendment, and all related environmental documentation.  Initial design considerations maintain the northerly 2,915 acres as a “conservation priority area”, and approximately 1,200 acres of “development priority area” in the southerly portion generally located between Milliken Avenue and Day Creek Avenue, north of Banyan Street.  Early concepts for the development priority area include a mix of residential product types, a central commercial “town center” with neighborhood retail and restaurants, and public uses and amenities arranged in a compact and walkable land use pattern that would encourage active living. 

The NESAP will include:

  • Proposed NESAP (DRC2015-00751) (as described above), to establish land use and development standards for the NESAP area; and

  • Proposed General Plan Amendment (GPA) (DRC2015-00749) to amend the General Plan to establish land use designations within with the NESAP area; and

  • Proposed Zoning Map Amendment (ZMA) (DRC2015-00752) to amend the Zoning Map to designate the NESAP area; and

  • Proposed Etiwanda North Specific Plan (ENSP) Amendment (DRC2015-00750) to update the specific plan and remove the NESAP area from the Etiwanda North Specific Plan.

Consultant Team Selection:  In May 2015, the City Council approved the Professional Services Agreement with Sargent Town Planning for the NESAP.  The prime and sub-consultant team includes the following disciplines and areas of responsibility:

  • Sargent Town Planning:  Prime consultant, project management, urban planning and design, specific plan preparation, public outreach lead.
  • Raimi & Associates:  Project management support, general plan amendment, public outreach support, health and sustainability analysis.
  • Dudek:  Program Environmental Impact Report, mapping and baseline studies, infrastructure analysis and planning; annexation processing.
  • Fehr & Peers:  Multi-modal mobility analysis, traffic impact analysis, circulation plan.
  • Lisa Wise Consulting:  Commercial and residential market analysis, and Transfer of Development Rights.
  • Zimmerman Volk Associates:  Targeted residential market analysis.
  • Calthorpe Analytics:  Use of Urban Footprint to develop land use alternatives.
  • Michael Baker International:  Engineering, land development and grading advisors; mining assessment, hazards assessment and mapping.

This team will work in conjunction with Stanley R. Hoffman Associates, which is already under contract with the City, to prepare the Plan for Service and Fiscal Impact Analysis that will be required by the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) during the annexation phase.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC):  An internal TAC has been established to provide guidance on the project.  In addition to Planning Department staff, TAC members include staff from the following departments:

  • City Manager’s Office
  • Community Services
  • Building & Safety
  • Fire District
  • Police Department
  • Public Works Services

Additionally, the San Bernardino County Flood Control District (SBCFCD) has assigned a staff representative to participate on the TAC.

TAC discussions have focused on existing City and County zoning, community design concepts, project objectives, open space resources, and project development concepts.  Sustainability principles, such as walkable, compact design, mix of land uses, multi-modal transportation options, and potential areas for commercial and residential development were also considered.

The project planner is:

Tom Grahn
Associate Planner
City of Rancho Cucamonga
Planning Department
10500 Civic Center Drive
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Mr. Grahn may be reached by phone at (909) 774-4312, or via e-mail at

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