North Eastern Sphere Annexation Proposal

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The North Eastern Sphere Annexation Proposal, or NESAP area, extends from Haven Avenue, easterly to the City's boundary with Fontana, and from the northerly City limits to the National Forest boundary.  The NESAP area contains a total of 4,388 acres, including 300 acres already within City limits and 4,088 acres in the City's Sphere of Influence.  This will include the development of a Specific Plan, General Plan Amendment, Zoning Map Amendment, Etiwanda North Specific Plan Amendment, and all related environmental documentation.  Initial NESAP considerations propose maintaining the northerly 3,176 acres as “conservation priority area”, and approximately 1,212 acres as “development priority area” in the southerly portion generally located between Milliken Avenue and Day Creek Avenue, north of Banyan Street.

Community Workshop #1 Summary (3/22/18) Community Workshop #2 Summary (4/19/18)

The Process

The annexation process consists of the following components:

  • Community Engagement: Public outreach is a critical component to the success of this proposal. The City is committed to keeping our community informed through community workshops, surveys, and information sharing sessions, and up-to-date information made available on the City's social media sites and website.
  • Specific Plan: (DRC2015-00751) - to establish land use and development standards for the NESAP area.
  • General Plan Amendment(DRC2015-00749) - to amend the General Plan to establish land use designations within with the NESAP area.
  • Zoning Map Amendment(DRC2015-00752) - to amend the Zoning Map to designate the NESAP area.
  • Etiwanda North Specific Plan Amendment(DRC2015-00750) - to update the specific plan and remove the NESAP area from the Etiwanda North Specific Plan
  • Environmental Impact Report

Next Steps
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