Additional Programs

Smoke-Free Program

The City of Rancho Cucamonga has created a smoke-free environment at all City facilities including parks, trails, courtyards, community centers, libraries, animal center Epicenter stadium, and its surrounding property and parking lots.  In order to further limit public exposure to secondhand smoke, Ordinance No. 826 was adopted in March 2010 creating smoke-free areas for outdoor service lines and all transit stops within the City limits.  

Rancho Cucamonga has taken a further step by implementing a program to recognize outstanding smoke-free businesses and apartment communities that voluntarily exceed City and State standards to establish and create smoke-free environments for their patrons and guests.  The City Manager’s Office oversees the Healthy RC Smoke-Free Recognition Program which recognizes restaurants, hotels, apartment communities, and other establishments that have taken significant action to provide a smoke-free environment for their patrons, residents, or employees.  Participating establishments receive special recognition and are placed on the City’s registry of Healthy RC Smoke-Free Establishments.  For more information about the program, please visit the Healthy RC website.