Technology Center FAQs

Q: How much does it cost to use the Internet? How can I use it?

A: Use of the Internet and library computers is free of charge for our patrons. It only takes a library card (and guardian consent for minors). Click here for information about obtaining a library card.

Q: Do I have to check in at the desk when I use a computer?

A: No. As long as there are computers open, feel free to sit down. The log on screen will ask for your library barcode number (on the back of your library card) and your PIN (last 4 digits of your home phone number).

Q: Why do I have to make a reservation on certain days?

A: When the Tech Center is busy, we want to try to allow as many patrons as possible access to the computers and Internet. The reservation system helps us to assure you a time slot on one of the computers.

Q: How long do reservations last?

A: The reservation will hold a computer for 5 minutes after the stated time on your reservation slip.

Q: Why does the timer on top allow me to extend my session some days and not others?

A: On the days that the Tech Center is very busy, the computer timer may only allow you one hour of computer use before it shuts down. This is because there are other patrons that have made reservations for the computers. If your computer does shut down and another person has it reserved after you, it is possible to reserve another computer for more time. Just talk to our friendly staff at the desk or visit the self-service reservation station at Archibald.

Q: Can I listen to audio in the Tech Center?

A: Yes. We do however limit this to those with headphones only.

Q: Is there printing? How does it work?

A: Yes, you are able to print in the Tech Center. There is a cost of 10 cents a page for standard black/white and 50 cents a page for color printing. When you press print from your station, the computer will tell you the cost of your job, and you can pick it up from the print release station.

Q: When I get to the library I want to use my laptop. How do I go about getting wireless Internet access?

A: Our wireless network is called RC-Library and when you turn on your computer it should automatically connect to this network. Once it does that, open your Internet browser in order to agree to the Terms of Service. If it fails to connect, please feel free to approach the Information Desk or Tech Center Assistant.