Borrowing Information

Get a Library Card!

Need a Rancho Cucamonga Library Services Library Card? Here is how to get one.

Our Borrowing Policies

Here is more information on our borrowing policies and how long you can check things out.

Renew Your Items

Did you know there are three ways you can renew books that you have checked out? Find out more here.

Return Your Materials

Not sure where to return items you have checked out, or if you need to come into the library to return your items? This should help you out.

Put Items on "Hold"

If you want to request an item in our collection ("place a hold"), you can learn about how to do this here. Also, if there is something at one of our libraries that you would like sent over to the other, here's how.

Library Elf

Trouble remembering when your books are due? Library Elf is an independently run online service that will send reminders-by email, RSS or cell phone text message-when library books are due (or overdue). You can even keep track of multiple libraries; including Ontario City Library, San Bernardino County Library, and Upland Public Library. To sign up, visit Library Elf.