Our Library's History

The Rancho Cucamonga Library at Archibald opened its doors to the public on September 24, 1994. Prior to this the Library was a branch of the San Bernardino County Library System. The City decided to take over the operation of the Library because it felt it could better serve the residents of Rancho Cucamonga by offering more open hours, a larger, more current book collection, and the latest in library technology.

Since 1994, not only has the Rancho Cucamonga Library consistently been one of the busiest libraries in California, but it has also opened a second facility - the Biane Library at the Victoria Gardens Shopping District.

Rancho Cucamonga Library Historic Milestones
1994 Front of libraryFirst City Library opened on Archibald Avenue, housing a book and media collection of 50,000 items (which has now grown to over 140,000 items).
1995 First Friends of the Library bookstore opened at the Archibald Library. When the Biane Library opened in 2006, the Friends of the Library opened a second location.
1996 The first Library Telethon aired live on Channel 3. To date, the eight library telethons have raised over $750,000 for the Rancho Cucamonga Libraries.
1997 The first Technology Center opened its doors with internet access and Microsoft productivity software. There are now two Technology Centers - one at the Biane Library with 21 computers and one at the Archibald Library with 16 computers.
2002 The most exciting development yet in the history of Rancho Cucamonga Library Services was receiving a $7.752 million grant from the California State Library to build a second library in Rancho Cucamonga - and so began the planning process to build a library at the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center.
2006 Photo of front of VGCC The Paul A. Biane Library at Victoria Gardens opened on August 18th, 2006 with a brand new book and media collection of 100,000 items, a 21-seat Technology Center, a story theater complete with fiber optic ceiling lights, a traditional reading room with fireplace, and a programming lineup with something for everyone!
2008 An extreme makeover of the Archibald Library. New furniture, paint, carpet, elevator graphics, bubble columns and of course, a lot of new books.
2009 We received a series of grants from the California State Library to start planning for building out the 2nd floor of the Biane Library @ Victoria Gardens.  part of the grants also helped to create our "Play and Learn™" (PAL) islands.
2010 Thanks to another grant from the California State Library, we now have a dedicated Local History Room at the Biane Library @ Victoria Gardens.    
2010 Introduction of our Virtual Library.