Welcome to the third amazing library in Rancho Cucamonga, our Virtual Library.

We've designed our Virtual Library so you can have many of the experiences you enjoy at our Archibald and Biane Libraries from the comfort of your home or the convenience of your office, 24/7.

We know that you and your family have many demands for your time, and we are delighted you have chosen to spend some time with us. Besides home and office -- or school if you are a student, we all need a space where we can chat with friends, share our experiences, find information, learn something new or simply relax and discover a great read. We all need that "third place" in our lives. The Rancho Cucamonga Libraries want to become your third place.

So whether you visit our recently-remodeled Archibald Library, our vibrant Biane Library @ Victoria Gardens, or our Virtual Library, we hope you will find something to love in the "3 Amazing Libraries of Rancho Cucamonga!'