Extreme Weather

Heat Related Emergencies  

Summer is upon us and temperatures have climbed dramatically.  The combination of high temperatures  and low humidity can be very uncomfortable and deeply affect sensitive populations like small children and the elderly.   Seeking shade or cool indoor spaces, like community centers or libraries, makes the extreme heat a little more bearable.  Unfortunately, unplanned power outages can be a common occurrence if the electrical grid is over taxed.  The Fire District offers a tip sheet for what to do during power outages and heat-related issues.

Download the Southern California Edison mobile app that provides alerts, power outage status updates as well as a tool for reporting a power outage.

Real-time power outage information can be found at www.SCE.com/Outage

You can find updated weather information or track important watches and advisories by visiting the National Weather Service's website at www.weather.gov.  

Winter Related Emergencies

Sandbag Materials

The Fire District offers free sandbag materials to all Rancho Cucamonga residents, local businesses and school campuses through sandbag filling stations at select fire stations.  There is a limit of 25 sandbags per resident and they cannot be used for commercial purposes.  

Sandbag materials are available at the following fire stations:

If you are unable to fill the sandbags yourself, please contact Fire District Headquarters at (909) 477-2770 for alternate arrangements and accommodations.  

Before the Rain:

During the Rain:

After the Rain:

Other Resources:

  • Southern California Edison hosts a mobile app that provides alerts, power outage status updates as well as a tool for reporting a power outage
  • Visit the Newsroom for the latest on Southern California Edison's El Niño efforts or check out their fact sheets: