Emergency Preparedness

The City of Rancho Cucamonga & Fire Protection District's Office of Emergency Management (OEM) supports the community by administering the National Preparedness Goal of Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response and Recovery.  OEM is actively coordinating the city’s response to disasters and emergencies as well as aiding residents, businesses and visitors in preparedness for major and day to day catastrophes both natural and human made.

OEM works with local, state and federal government partners, as well as non-governmental organizations to achieve this goal.  OEM maintains the city’s Emergency Operations Center, is an active partner with the County of San Bernardino’s Operational Area Coordinating Council and participates in regular training and exercises to test and update the Emergency Operations Plan to insure a state of constant readiness. In addition the OEM updates our Hazard Mitigation Plan on a 5 year cycle and is currently in the process of updating.

Please contact the program at 909-477-2770 for more information. 

Emergency Plans and Protocols

The following plans and protocols outline the City's all-hazard procedures before, during and after an emergency.